Dermatillomania Resources

As Project Dermatillomania is not intended for treatment purposes and there is plenty more information to be had, here is a list of trusted resources in the body-focused repetitive behaviour community.

Canadian BFRB Support Network
Canada’s only organization and the second organization in the world dedicated to the bringing awareness to and supporting those with body-focused repetitive behaviours, including dermatillomania.

TLC Foundation for BFRBs
Based in the United States, TLC is an organization that has long championed getting help and funding research for body-focused repetitive behaviours, including dermatillomania.

Picking Me Foundation
Created by Lauren McKeaney, who is also a skin picker, the Picking Me Foundation is focused on why we are picking ourselves over our skin picking or other body-focused repetitive behaviours.

OCD Centre of Los Angeles
From its website, OCD LA “is a private, outpatient treatment center dedicated to the treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and related Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders and anxiety disorders.”
Created by Angela Hartlin, she shares pieces of her own personal journey with dermatillomania and disseminates myths surrounding skin picking disorder.
Run by Annette Pasternak, a former skin picker herself, this website shares different ways to manage and try to stop skin picking, including altering eating habits and changes in lifestyle.
From its website, “ is an easy to use, online behavioral program designed to help individuals reduce unwanted skin picking, nail biting, and cheek and lip biting behaviors.”

BFRB Youtube Playlist by Tammy Fletcher
A Youtube playlist put together by Tammy Fletcher, a counsellor in San Diego, CA, USA, who is familiar with body-focused repetitive behaviours. She has included some of her own videos and other videos on Youtube that she likes. She has a Facebook page as well, which can be found at

Keen by HabitAware
Keen is a behaviour awareness and behaviour tracking bracelet created by HabitAware. It is not a cure, but can be a useful tool in furthering your treatment.

If you know of a resource you think should be added, please email with Resource Suggestion in the subject line.

Facebook groups will not be listed on this page, but there are various closed-group (meaning only people within the group can see posts) support groups on Facebook. Type dermatillomania, trichotillomania, or BFRBs into Facebook’s search bar and they will come up.