The Stories Behind Our Scars

Bookshelf shot
Cover art by Andrea Castek

The Stories Behind Our Scars is the first in the Project Dermatillomania series. It was first published in print in March of 2014, and then again as an ebook later that year in October.

The book features 11 stories of individuals from North America and Europe who have dermatillomania. Each contributor was welcome to share their story however they felt comfortable, and the result is a compilation of written narratives, poetry, creative prose, photography, and a painting. The ages of the amazing people who shared their stories varies from young adults to older adults, and each one of them has a different perspective and different life lessons to share.

As a self-publication, the print book was also completely formatted and designed by Andrea Castek of Andi’s Invites (formerly AC Design). All proofreading and editing was done by everyone else who submitted to the book.

Transforming the book to an ebook was a challenge, but was accomplished by raising money through Kickstarter and then by employing eBook Architects to do the file conversion. The Kickstarter was a complete success and the ebook exists now because of the wonderful support from the online community and supporters of Project Dermatillomania.

Since publication, The Stories Behind Our Scars has reached many people around the world.