Written On Our Skin

Cover art by Sarah Seifert

Written On Our Skin is the second in the Project Dermatillomania series. It features the written and visual stories of 19 individuals from North America and New Zealand who live with dermatillomania, also called excoriation (skin-picking) disorder.

Everything about the book, from cover to cover, was discussed and agreed upon by all of the contributors. The cover art was done by contributor Sarah Seifert, which she designed based off of the title of the book. The formatting this time around was completed by Rachel Bertrand, a high school friend of Project Dermatillomania author and editor Laura Barton.

The book is slated to be published in June 2017, at which time more information will be made available about it.

Cover Art Explained By Sarah Seifert

“I took a photo of myself how I typically pick in the bathroom. Sitting on the sink, looking into the mirror as I drift away for hours. The colors represent a heat index, showing a warm to hot feeling area as we tend to get when we pick. I left it with no gender or specific body markings so all could relate. The wording on the inside are some things I say to myself when I look in the mirror. I colored that area as an old book to go with the “written on our skin ” theme. I feel our negative self talk is so ingrained in us, that it is almost carved into the deeper layers of our skin.”